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Your greatest resource. Made greater still.

Tatman Downing Consulting deals in talent and experience, the most precious of corporate commodities. And talent and experience, of course, come from people, from the employees that every business day define your company and determine its future. Our firm specializes in individual growth and personal development. We work to make your company more profitable by helping your employees, one at a time, become more productive.

Efficiency demands that we deal with groups, but always the focus is on the individual. While Tatman Downing Consulting brings powerful analytical tools to every engagement, our answers arrive in terms far more practical than theoretical. After careful diagnosis of your business team's current patterns of performance, we seek to maximize the contributions of every member of that team.

Still, our services cluster in the both strategic and tactical applications. Only after a thorough understanding of the abstractions do our recommendations become concrete and specific.
    Creation and analysis of business plans
    Design and develop highly customized training programs
    On-Site or Off-Site facilitation of training retreats
    Results oriented action plans
    Implementation of Strategic Plans
    Employee Audits
    Evaluation of current training programs
    Direction of off-the-shelf training programs
A Discovery Company

Tatman Downing Consulting works from a record of accomplishment with companies ranging from entrepreneurial start-ups to such Fortune 500 giants as Sunbeam/The Coleman Company and Cessna Aircraft. Our experience has taken us into engagements with agencies of government, with public utilities, with not-for-profit organizations, and with chambers of commerce and departments of tourism.

We're a discovery company, dedicated to the exploration of human possibility. We look forward to serving you. And the remarkable people on your team. Discover us at 1-316-265-5656 or

Some Popular Training Topics:

  • Establishing Your Company's Strategic Plan
  • Supervisory and Management Training (various topics offered)
  • Hiring and Firing Legally
  • Customer Service
  • Effective Presentation Skills (includes personalized critique of each participant's video taped presentation)
  • Positive Attitude!
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Performance Improvement
  • Employees Performance Reviews
  • Meeting Facilitation Skills
  • Self-Directed Teams (various topics offered)
  • ...and many more topics

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