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hurley consulting & training

The writing modules developed by Hurley TechComm, Inc., provide writers with the tools they need to become effective, efficient writers. This efficiency and effectiveness translates into saved time, money, and frustration!

Because we use critical thinking, rather than grammar rules, as the underpinning of our teaching, class participants are better able to understand the options they have when writing and to make the right choices. This means less rewriting for writers themselves, less editing on the part of supervisors, and less confusion by clients.

Finally, the modules we design and develop for your business are customized so that class participants get the information they need for writing the kinds of documents expected in their profession. This kind of customization allows writers to directly apply the concepts taught in class to the writing they do in the workplace.

Writing Course Development & Training
Using real-world documents generated by your organization, we create, develop, and teach university-level courses focusing on the writing challenges of your organization. Our professional on-site training assures you of receiving the best training available.

6812 Hardscrable Court
Wilmington, NC 28409
phone: 910.233.7670 or 919.749.4446 (Raleigh)
fax: 910.792.9914

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