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Course Description

The Complete Course on Inventory Management

Put an end to costly write-offs, shortages, hassles and mistakes!

Forecasting, Inventory Management & Cycle Counting Made Easy!

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Program Description

What Would You Give to Minimize Your Inventory Levels and Maximize Your Customer’s Satisfaction at the Same Time?

As an inventory control professional, you probably already know what to do to forecast future inventory needs ... maintain acceptable levels of inventory and safety stock ... and keep accurate inventory records.

But in a world filled with human error ... lost and misplaced overstock ... and unrealistic demands from customers, coworkers, management, vendors and suppliers, you need real-world answers about HOW you can organize, build and maintain the smoothest-running inventory management system possible.

Introducing a new two-day inventory control workshop for managers, supervisors, clerks, technicians – warehouse professionals – everyone who carries the burden of maintaining the efficiency of one of your company’s largest assets – its inventory.

When you attend this powerful event, you’ll learn how to gain buy-in for your inventory processes from everyone up and down the corporate ladder ... simplify your cycle counting program and annual physical inventory procedures ... and keep inventory levels down, customer satisfaction high – and profits up!

Can you afford two days out of the office? You can’t afford NOT to come!

We realize that asking you to take two days of your time for training is a big thing and we guarantee you that your time will be well-spent. With the tips, techniques and profit-saving inventory management strategies you’ll learn, you’ll see an immediate benefit as soon as you step foot back in your warehouse.

This unique training workshop is packed with eye-opening examples of how successful companies of ALL sizes are tackling – and beating – the profit-draining problems of dead inventory ... slow-moving stock ... and inaccurate forecasting methods.

What You’ll Learn

Attend this powerful 2-Day inventory control event and you’ll learn how to ...

We can help you Boost the effectiveness of your inventory control methods!

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Who Should Attend

Do these situations sound familiar to you? If they do, you could benefit greatly by attending!

Tom’s company, after 130 years of business at the same location, has just gone global by launching its web site and allowing customers to purchase products online. Tom’s problem as inventory control manager is that he’s been forced to use the same counting procedures that the current controller taught him to use when he started 20 years ago. After just one month, the online experiment is a huge disaster with massive shortages, backorders and a total failure to reconcile inventory levels with customer demand. Where did the company go wrong?

Expert’s answer: Many companies get caught up with the idea of reaching millions of potential customers via the Web, but they don’t take the time to ensure their inventory processes can keep up with demand. When you attend this seminar, you’ll learn the secrets of building the perfect inventory control system that will allow your company to move forward in any direction that it wants. 


Bill is the inventory control manager for a municipal water department. Bill has reconciliation nightmares because he constantly has repair crews loading up their trucks with parts that “they may need” when a water main breaks at 2 in the morning. Bill realizes that the last thing a repair crew worries about when they’re waist-deep in freezing water is filling out paperwork, but it’s still causing havoc with his records. How can Bill maintain control and still give his crews the materials they need?

Expert’s answer: Though Bill’s problems are understandable due to the nature of his business, there are simple solutions to this kind of justifiable “shrinkage” problem. When you attend this seminar, you’ll learn how to build and maintain inventory control systems that can adapt to even the most severe circumstances. You’ll also learn how to combat theft and more sinister shrinkage issues. 


Tammy’s small, cramped warehouse is filled to the brim with inventory that her superiors say they need to keep on hand. Her poor receiving clerk stacks merchandise from the floor to the ceiling and in every nook and cranny to get it all in, but the consequences mean the order fillers sometimes search in vain trying to find the parts to complete their customer orders. Tammy can’t seem to get anyone in charge to understand that they’re ruining productivity by having too much stock. How can Tammy get her bosses to see the light?

Expert’s answer: Tammy could very well be the poster child for one of the biggest mistakes a company makes when it comes to inventory control – too much stock. Attending this seminar will give Tammy (and you) concrete forecasting strategies that will eliminate overpurchasing, and proven techniques that will shoot slow-moving stock off your shelves and out the door. You’ll minimize inventory levels to the point where you’ll have maximum efficiency in your warehouse organization. 

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Workshop Agenda

Discovering the “Hidden Truths” of Inventory

Forecasting Principles

Improving Your Inventory Management Skills

Achieving Incredible Levels of Inventory Accuracy

Taking the Headaches out of Your Annual Physical Inventory

Building the Perfect Cycle Counting System

Bonus! Today’s Inventory Management Technology


Your Guarantee of Complete Satisfaction

We stand behind our seminars with a 100 percent , iron-clad, money-back guarantee of satisfaction. If for any reason you’re not completely satisfied with the solid skills, the tips, tools and shortcuts, and the crucial information you receive during this workshop, we’ll refund your money in full. Every penny. Guaranteed!

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8:30 a.m.

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