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This seminar is offered onsite only. The descriptions and outlines specified below are examples of the topics covered in this seminar. Actual seminar content will depend on your organization's needs. Of course, we customize the seminar's content to meet the specific needs of your organization.

The Essentials of Facilities Management

A comprehensive two-day workshop filled with powerful solutions and innovative ideas for running a safe, cost-effective and employee-friendly facility.

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What You’ll Learn  

Program Description

This essential workshop is for anyone in charge of managing and maintaining a facility. This program will arm you with the up-to-the-minute information you need to lighten your massive workload and be more effective on the job.
You'll discover practical ways to reduce soaring energy costs, tips for spotting hidden safety hazards and security gaps, and powerful negotiating techniques that'll save you big bucks with vendors, suppliers and contract labor. During the workshop's invaluable compliance update, you'll find out exactly what steps you must take to meet OSHA and ADA requirements, as well as other government regulations, to avoid costly lawsuits and penalties.
The crucial information and solid skills you'll gain will help you run a safer, more cost-effective and productive operation.

What You’ll Learn

  1. Take steps to prevent the most common workplace injuries
  2. Start saving your organization money immediately with specific cost-reducing tips and strategies
  3. Know which security measures are most effective for protecting your
    type of facility
  4. Stop users from abusing the facility and ignoring facility rules
  5. Avoid code violations facilities managers are most apt to miss
  6. Minimize employee theft with proven techniques
  7. Know what items to inspect regularly to ensure compliance with OSHA and ADA requirements
  8. Understand what criteria should be carefully considered before you draft facility policies
  9. Make better deals with vendors and suppliers by avoiding the most common negotiating errors
  10. Ensure that contractors do the work according to your agreed-upon specifications
  11. Deter would-be vandals with simple but effective tactics
  12. Implement energy-saving strategies that will help keep a lid on soaring costs
  13. Save countless hours by identifying the time-drainers in your day, then eliminating or avoiding them
  14. Deal more effectively with complaints; and complainers
  15. Keep your facility user-friendly, yet safe and cost-effective to maintain

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Who Should Attend

Workshop Agenda

The Difficult Role You Play as a Facilities Manager

Resource Management: Keep a Lid on Soaring Costs

Working Successfully with Contractors, Vendors and Suppliers

Security: How to Win this Constant Battle

Optimizing Your Environment for Worker Productivity and Safety

Government Regulations-a Compliance Update on the "Big" Issues

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