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Essentials of Technical Writing
One Day Workshop

Gain the solid technical writing skills you need to handle any project with ease!

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Program Description

Technical writing is a tough assignment for even the most experienced writers. Think of all the challenges you face when you have to write a technical document. Where do you start in organizing the mountain of data you’ve got? How do you explain complex information in a way that’s easy for readers to grasp? Is there a specific stylebook you should use? How can you catch embarrassing errors before they’re in print? How do you know if your copy is too technical for your readers? What can you do to motivate people to read every word? How do you cite sources correctly?

Accomplish your writing objectives with greater ease

Technical writing is also a high-stakes project - one that allows you little margin for error. Fail to explain instructions clearly in a user’s manual and your readers will waste hours of time and effort. Draft an unconvincing proposal and your department loses out on much needed equipment or extra staffing. Write a technical letter containing a grammar blunder and you damage your organization’s credibility - and your own. Create a vaguely worded policy and your organization is exposed to a lawsuit.

Give your technical writing skills a major upgrade

Fortunately, there’s now a fast, easy way you can learn the “how to’s” of successful technical writing. Essentials of Technical Writing is a one-day writing clinic that provides you with the solid skills you need to handle any technical project with ease. Designed for busy professionals at all levels of writing experience, this workshop is a crash course in technical writing “how to’s” guaranteed to make you a better technical writer.

Add technical precision to every writing project

With an expert instructor as your guide, you’ll learn the tricks of the trade - proven strategies and techniques professional technical writers use to convey complex information in easy-to-understand terms. Through lively writing exercises and activities that will strengthen your skills fast, you’ll discover how to transform jargon-filled data into crystal-clear, concise copy that gets the results you want!

Keep projects on deadline by cutting the time you spend writing

Whether you write technical documents on occasion or full-time, you know firsthand how enormously time-consuming technical writing can be. That’s why we’ve packed this workshop with timesaving tips, tools and shortcuts guaranteed to cut your writing time by at least 30 percent.

What You’ll Learn

In just 1 fast-paced day of training, you’ll learn how to…

  • Outline your project with a quick planning method that will keep you focused and ahead of deadlines.
  • Organize reams of material quickly.
  • Get the words flowing fast with tips for preventing writer’s block.
  • Use standard formats and structures that help your words fall into place.
  • Spot your errors in less time and with greater accuracy using editing shortcuts.

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Who Should Attend

This is an important workshop every business writer SHOULD attend.

Workshop Agenda

Technical Writing Project Strategies

  • A quick overview of the challenges inherent in technical writing
  • Define objectives for your project - and steps you’ll take to ensure you achieve them
  • Key questions you must answer before you write a word
  • Assess your readers’ technical literacy level to know what you can and cannot expect from them
  • How to determine content for your project
  • Information gathering: research tips and shortcuts that will save time and effort

Develop a Writing Style That’s Precise And Easy to Read

  • Why formalized technical-ese has given way to a more conversational, relaxed style
  • How to avoid five common mistakes technical writers make that render their documents useless
  • Active voice and other proven techniques for writing clearly and directly
  • Keep it concise: slashing wordiness, clichés and redundancies
  • Examples of using statistics effectively - rather than overwhelming the reader with numbers

Writing Efficiency Secrets and Shortcuts

  • Surefire tips for overcoming writer’s block or writing anxiety
  • Tips for cranking out that first draft fast so you can see what you’ve got to work with
  • Secrets to cutting your writing time by at least 30 percent
  • Rewrite, rewrite, rewrite! Steps for improving your first draft - and second and third
  • Grammar, Punctuation, Abbreviations and More
  • Frequently misused words in technical and business writing - and words that don’t exist
  • The Ten Commandments of Capitalization, plus computer terms with correct capitalization
  • Cures for “comma-itis” and other punctuation ailments
  • Common misuse of numbers and how to avoid such confusion
  • How to attribute information correctly using quotes

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Using Formats and Statistics to Make Your Document User-Friendly

  • Structures and formats proven to enhance readability and understanding
  • Pointers for creating headlines, titles and subheads that draw your readers in
  • How to use charts, graphs and tables to communicate volumes
  • Graphics and illustrations: recognizing when to use them and when to pass

Guidelines for Specific Technical Writing Projects

  • A checklist for technical letters and e-mails that ensures you’ve covered all
    the bases
  • A simple structure for a standout report
  • Is it comprehensive enough? A handy policy and procedure checklist that helps you make sure
  • Crucial ingredients of a persuasive proposal
  • How to write requests that motivate your reader to act favorably - and respond quickly!
  • Essential elements of user-friendly manuals and user’s guides
  • Techniques for writing instructions that cannot be misunderstood

Editing and Proofreading Techniques that Ensure Letter-Perfect Accuracy

  • Editing “musts” for technical writing that is clear, concise and precise
  • Fact-checking techniques that help guarantee 100% technical accuracy
  • Expert editors’ tricks for spotting their own mistakes
  • The importance of getting a well-qualified “second set of eyes” to proofread your document
  • Final read-through: an editing and proofing checklist that leaves nothing to chance

Your Guarantee of Complete Satisfaction

Technically Speaking, This Workshop Is 100% guaranteed!

There’s nothing technical or complex about our money-back guarantee at National Seminars Group. In fact, it’s as straightforward as guarantees get: If you’re unhappy with the training you receive, we’ll refund your entire enrollment fee. Period. We offer our 100-percent money-back guarantee to make it clear that you have nothing to lose - and everything to gain - when you choose National Seminars Group as your partner in career training. You won’t be disappointed, we GUARANTEE it!

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