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Designing With Dreamweaver

A one-day Web site design seminar for users of all levels of experience. Discover how to

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Program Description

To my fellow fans of great Web design:

When you surf the Web, no doubt you wonder how some Web designers manage to create such fantastic Web pages. Time and again, you’re stunned by these Web gems and ask yourself the same questions:

How did they DO that? And how can I do that on our site?

Great Web design doesn’t occur by accident, friends. It’s the product of careful organization, planning and know-how. And no software program can top the edge Dreamweaver gives you in designing an interactive, visually stunning site that gets results. Hands down, it’s the most popular, most versatile Web design program on the market – for good reason.

If creating a dynamic, interactive presence on the Web is your goal,
Dreamweaver is the tool for you to master.

Build your Dreamweaver skills the fast and easy way

Dreamweaver is user-friendly, but there’s a lot to learn if you want to go beyond the basics and tap into its real design power. That’s why we’ve developed Designing With Dreamweaver™, a one-day workshop that’s the quickest, easiest way available to pump up your Dreamweaver skills. Expect six action-packed hours with an expert in Web design who’ll answer all your burning questions on how to use Dreamweaver to design a site that knocks the competition flat.

A sample of what we’ll cover …

  • Make your site interactive and entertaining with Dreamweaver’s powerful built-in behaviors
  • Cut your workload with Dreamweaver’s site development tools
  • Create rollovers, tables, layers, frames, all without writing any code
  • Discover how to design a site to a specific target audience
  • Know the exact steps to take to guarantee your site WORKS for all viewers
  • Learn tricks to make sites load faster – and beat the 10-second rule

The more you know, the more you control

That’s just the beginning. You’ll find out how to eliminate the guesswork of displaying Web pages on different browsers and operating systems, how to ensure your pages load correctly, how to make certain that your links are operational – all the stuff that can help you avoid disaster! The design power and control Dreamweaver puts at your fingertips is unbelievable, once you know your way around the program.

The Web is packed with great competition these days, with millions of new sites added every month. If your site doesn’t look great – and work great every time – it’ll be forgotten with the click of a mouse. Let the experts at CompEd Solutions show you how to use Dreamweaver to make your Web site more interactive … more intuitive … filled with dynamic content that will keep your visitors coming back for more.

Join us to explore the endless possibilities Dreamweaver offers you for great Web design – and before you know it, you’ll be driving this program down roads no one has ever seen before!

Keep learning,

Andy Anderson
Senior Workshop Leader

P.S. This is a terrific workshop to attend as a team because each person comes away with different ideas and perspectives. Not only that, you can get a FREEBIE out of the deal: When 3 enroll from your organization, the 4th attends free!


What You’ll Learn

Prime reasons this is a must-attend workshop – if you’re serious about Web design

  1. Visually design a Web site that knocks the competition flat using Dreamweaver’s WYSIWYG editor.
  2. Save tons of design time – and insure consistency throughout your site – using templates.
  3. Beat the “10-Second Rule” with tricks to make your site load faster.
  4. Make your site amazingly interactive and entertaining with Dreamweaver’s robust built-in behaviors.
  5. Get a quick start on site layout with Dreamweaver’s new sample page layouts and code.
  6. Build awesome drop-down menus using DHTML and Dreamweaver’s layer controls.
  7. Create tables, rollovers, frames and layers – without writing a single line of code!
  8. Seamlessly integrate Web content from Photoshop, Illustrator, Freehand, MS Word, MS Excel and others.
  9. Understand exactly how to design your site to appeal to a target audience.
  10. Guarantee your site will not only look great, but work great, using built-in
    error-checking tools.
  11. Uncover the secret of pushing your Web site to the top of search engine lists with Dreamweaver’s built-in heading functions.
  12. Create links to other Web pages with a simple click and drag.
  13. Reduce your workload with Dreamweaver’s powerful site development tools.
  14. Uncover the secret to changing Web page items quickly.
  15. Ensure easy-to-read text using Dreamweaver’s type-editing tools.
  16. Remove the guesswork from color selection by utilizing the files panel.
  17. Avoid disaster by understanding the difference between absolute and relative paths – and knowing which option to choose when.
  18. Find out how cascading style sheets are changing the way we create Web sites.
  19. Develop dynamic slide shows using DHTML and timeline.
  20. Whittle your work time using Dreamweaver’s record feature to record and reuse a series of commands.
  21. Eliminate site maintenance hassles using Dreamweaver’s built-in FTP.
  22. Design the site of your dreams – and create an unstoppable Web presence – with the skills you’ll learn from a Dreamweaver pro!

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Workshop Agenda

Planning Your Journey Before You Start the Engine: Focusing on Site Development

  • Answering the 5 questions that will virtually guarantee the success of your site
  • Site planning: The secret to cutting your design time by 20% – and getting better results
  • Tips for designing your site to a specific target audience
  • Organizing your site folder the easy way
  • Thinking ahead: Server/Host requirements
  • Setting up Dreamweaver to get off to a fast, productive start

Taking a Test Drive: Getting to Know the Dreamweaver Workspace

  • Working with Dreamweaver’s powerful site management tools
  • Managing files and links effortlessly using the site map feature
  • How to use the WYS/WYG and code views to shape site design
  • Generating Web pages quickly and easily using sample page layouts
  • Locate site components and images quickly using the files panel
  • Adding and formatting type with ease using Dreamweaver’s powerful text-editing tools
  • Creating links to other Web pages with a simple click and drag

Charting a Roadmap to Success: Formatting with Tables and Layers

  • Creating formatting tables with ease using Dreamweaver’s proprietary layout editing tools
  • Controlling tables by adding, removing and merging table cells
  • Adding color and background images to a table or cell
  • Exploring Dreamweaver’s powerful table layout options
  • How to use Layers to format Web content
  • Converting between layers and tables – when to do it and why
  • Overcoming browser incompatibility issues when dealing with tables or layers

Setting Cruise Control: Using Dreamweaver’s Automation Features

  • Use templates to save tons of design time and maintain consistency on your site
  • The secret to changing Web page items quickly by using the library panel
  • Save time with the history palette by replaying commands or undoing past mistakes
  • Using the find and replace commands to make global changes to a single page or an entire Web site

Burnin’ Rubber: Bringing Your Web Page to Life With Behaviors, DHTML and the Timeline

  • Create interactive buttons in a snap using Dreamweaver’s built-in rollover buttons command
  • Control layers using Dreamweaver’s powerful layers palette
  • How to create a dynamic animated slide show
  • Understanding when and how to use the timeline
  • Animating Web content using layers
  • Build awesome drop-down menus using DHTML and layer controls

Always Wear Your Seatbelt: Heading Off Potential Problems

  • How using design notes can save you grief down the road
  • Inserting a plug-in on a Web page to add interactivity
  • Examining a visitor’s computer for existing Web resources
  • How to use the HTML Inspector to view and edit HTML code
  • Cleaning up messy or invalid HTML code and removing empty tags
  • Using Check Browser to test a Web site to target browsers

Arriving at Your Final Destination: Applying Important Finishing Touches

  • The secret to using the built-in heading function to push your site to the top of the search engines’ lists
  • Setting up Dreamweaver’s FTP program to eliminate site maintenance hassles
  • Steps to use to connect to a remote server
  • Understanding the difference between dynamic and static Web sites/pages
  • Hooking visitors by keeping your site fresh: The 30-day rule in dynamic Web design

Your Guarantee of Complete Satisfaction

We stand behind our seminars with a 100 percent , iron-clad, money-back guarantee of satisfaction. If for any reason you’re not completely satisfied with the solid skills, the tips, tools and shortcuts, and the crucial information you receive during this workshop, we’ll refund your money in full. Every penny. Guaranteed!

Program Hours:
9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Registration begins at
8:30 a.m.

Group Discount: When 3 enroll from your organization, a 4th attends FREE!

Lunch is on your own.

Continuing Education:
Continuing education credits may be recognized by your professional board. Contact your own board to find out what's required. If you cancel your registration up to five business days before the workshop,

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