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How To Better Organize, Control And Manage Accounts Payable
A One-Day Seminar
Meeting Code: PYB

Every month it’s the same. You have to make sure your company’s bills are paid . . . on time. To non-financial people, accounts payable may seem as simple as writing checks to cover company expenses. But to you it’s an important job full of critical details . . . and traps. You’re expected to closely track invoices . . . keep immaculate records on all kinds of vendors . . . get proper authorization on purchase orders . . . and much, much more.

Staying organized and promptly meeting every due date puts a lot of pressure on you and your staff. You work long hours and put in overtime to see that every bill is paid on time. And because every payment is different, you’re required to monitor all activity with the eye of an eagle to prevent any error or oversight.

You’re at wit’s end trying to keep track of all the invoices, purchase orders and expense reports. You don’t want to make mistakes that could waste company money. You want to be ready when faced with an audit — or when upper management decides to take a look at your accounts.

The bottom line? You want a better way to keep your accounts payable system in line — without costing you and your staff valuable time at work. Where can you turn?

Attend this powerful, one-day seminar developed to help you organize accounts payable with less frustration — and less hassle.

We’ve packed this six-hour session with the techniques and strategies that’ll let you stay afloat on a river of paperwork . . . track important records the government requires you to keep . . . and file important documents securely, where you can reach them on a moment’s notice.

How You Will Benefit ...

Take Control of the Payment Process

Efficiency. Without it, the many facets of accounts payable, at times, seem impossible to handle. For example, you have to maintain lines of credit with vendors, work with other departments to ensure bills are paid accurately and be aware of payment due dates that fluctuate from month to month.

Come to this seminar and you’ll gain efficient strategies for streamlining policies and procedures . . . working harmoniously with other departments for faster processing of purchase orders and invoices . . . meeting payment deadlines with less stress . . . and much more.

Make an Impact on the Bottom Line

It’s not enough to just be organized and efficient . . . upper management demands that you have the business savvy to look out for the bottom line.

In this seminar, your trainer will share reliable methods to take advantage of discounts available to you . . . a foolproof approach to close loopholes that may lead to paying bills two and three times . . . insightful ways to use today’s hottest software to make sure payments are made before the penalties . . . and more.

Your Training Is 100 Percent Guaranteed

In six short hours, you’ll learn how to make your accounts payable process more organized and more efficient, while saving your company money at the same time. And Padgett-Thompson gives you a no-strings-attached, unconditional guarantee that you’ll be satisfied — or we’ll refund every last cent of your registration fee.

What you will cover ...

Organize Your Accounts With Ease

Easily Prevent Efficiency-Busters
  • How to get the proper authorization for check requests . . . without running down every signature
  • How to prevent those “nickel- and-dime” payments from slipping through the cracks
  • How to pinpoint mistakes and oversights before they snowball and affect the bottom line
  • Vital strategies for detecting padded expense reports
  • A survival kit to help you sail through an audit with flying colors
  • Petty cash: How to keep a lid on the use — and abuse — of employees’ cash expenses
  • How to track requisitions and purchase orders so you know you receive what you’re paying for
  • What you need to know about keeping dealings with independent contractors aboveboard
Improve Relations With Vendors
  • Proven-effective tactics you can use to resolve a payment conflict with a supplier
  • How to get vendors to standardize paperwork and invoices
  • Strategies for finding — and fixing — the weird charges that show up on bank reconciliations
  • If a vendor wants to penalize you for overdue payments . . . tips for getting the late fees dropped
  • 5 ways to protect yourself if a vendor takes you to court over a withheld payment
  • Negotiation skills you can use to prevent your suppliers from making you pay up front
  • How to get vendors to stretch your payment due dates
  • Should you take a vendor’s discount? How to spot a “good deal” that may cost you money
Manage Payments Like A Seasoned Pro With New Accounts Payable Technology
  • Now or later, you will use EDI. Get on board now to give yourself a competitive advantage and save time
  • Partner with your vendors to learn to work with their new systems, before your competitors step in and take away your business
  • Find out how purchasing cards can help you cut down on unauthorized purchases and let you write one check to vendors who typically get payments for lots of miscellaneous purchases
  • Learn to deal with vendors who use paperless processing and invoiceless purchasing now, before you have to play catch up
  • How to determine if processing jobs should be handled by an outside accounting firm
  • The #1 way to track and amortize your service contracts
  • Should you use electronic payment plans? Pros and cons to consider before taking any action
  • How to establish checkpoints that’ll tell if you’re about to pay the wrong vendor
  • Easy-to-learn methods for deciphering the exchange rate quickly and accurately when paying foreign vendors
Who should attend ...
  • Accounts Payable Managers, Administrators, Assistants and Clerks
  • Accounting Managers, Supervisors, Specialists and Assistants
  • Administrative Assistants
  • Bookkeepers
  • Controllers and Staff Accountants

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