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The Complete Course On OSHA Recordkeeping
A One-Day Seminar
Meeting Code: KRQ

You may thoroughly comply with OSHA standards. But, if you fall short when it comes to recordkeeping regulations, your company can still end up paying thousands of dollars in fines.

OSHA’s cracking down on recordkeeping violations. And, across the country, professionals — like you — are learning this lesson the hard way.

Recently, two well-known corporations, with otherwise good safety records, were forced to pay over $1 million for recordkeeping penalties alone.

Why is OSHA so interested in your records?

Because the Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission (OSHRC) decided to start permitting penalties for each recordkeeping violation. Armed with this kind of legal artillery, OSHA inspectors are putting company records under a microscope.

For example, during a programmed inspection of a respected company, OSHA inspectors detected 167 recordkeeping violations. As you can imagine, this sort of scrutiny quickly translates into high-dollar penalties. But how can you get up to date FAST on the strictly enforced OSHA recordkeeping regulations that your company is required to follow?

Attend this seminar and, in just six information-packed hours, you’ll learn how to avoid recordkeeping violations that could cost your company BIG bucks … and maybe even put your career at risk. Plus, you’ll have the rare opportunity to ask an OSHA expert questions about both old and new regulations. So you can easily double-check your compliance methods to make sure your files are on solid legal ground.

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For payroll professionals who want to stay on top of the ever-changing rules ... persistent problems ... and constant challenges that payroll departments face every day.

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