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Course Description

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The Essentials of Building Security
A Two-Day Seminar:
Meeting Code: KJQ

It’s never been more critical to strengthen the security measures in and around your facility. Join us for this powerful and insightful look at how companies of all sizes (and budgets) ensure the continued health and safety of their employees.

Program Description

How Safe Is Your Facility In Today’s Topsy-Turvy World?

No one has to tell you that in today’s security-conscious world, safety and security have become one of the most important issues businesses face. And it’s not just unimaginable acts of terrorism and violence that have to concern you. There are accidents and incidents of all sorts out there waiting to happen.

The FBI, the Bureau of Justice, OSHA and the other organizations that keep tabs on crime and employee safety, all throw out sobering statistics that show just how many challenges you face in your job.

But how can you keep your building intact and your employees safe in an era of shrinking budgets and severe staffing problems?

Come to our seminar. In just one day, we’ll show you the latest, cutting-edge strategies and techniques to turbo-charge your company’s safety and security from top to bottom. But where this seminar differs from others is that it’s not just a list of suggestions about how tall your shrubs should be in front of your building, or how well-lit your parking lot needs to be. This seminar looks at safety and security issues with an eye on the “big picture” of corporate life – just like you have to do.

You’ll learn how to integrate your needs into the corporate structure and gain the green light to implement your plans from upper management ... learn to do more with less when there’s not one more penny to squeeze out of your budget ... and maintain a maximum amount of safety and security so your facility’s users can worry about doing their jobs and making money for the company – and not about becoming a statistic in a police report.

Gain insight into your problems and support from managers like yourself who have a job like no other!

Let’s face it ... no matter if you work for a large corporation or a small company, there’s no one else at your work that has the same responsibility as you. Whether you’re called an office manager, facility manager, safety officer, or Bob or Helen, your job is a 24-hour-a-day, 365-day-a-year responsibility with no “off-hours.” If someone is working late on a Saturday night and something tragic happens, it’s still your job to protect them.

And that’s one of the most powerful benefits of attending this seminar. You’ll be in a room filled to the brim with other people in your position, who know exactly what you go through at work. Anyone can hand you a sheet with facts and figures about how to make your facility safer and leave it at that. If there really is strength in numbers, you’ll be re-energized by the frank discussions and eye-opening exercises that you and your fellow seminar participants will partake in.

You’ll gain hands-on experience for improving your facility’s security, and insight from both your trainer and peers who’ll give you a new understanding into the trials and tribulations of maintaining a safe and secure workplace at a time when it’s never been more vulnerable.

Get the skills to make better decisions on the most important issues that face your company!

Not to be flippant, but when other managers in your company blow it, the worst thing that can happen is usually a loss of money and time and maybe someone can lose a job. If you make a mistake, it can literally be a life-or-death matter. That’s why the courts are filling up these days with lawsuits from victims that not only name the company as a defendant – but are increasingly putting managers just like you in the legal crosshairs.

Don’t let it come to that. Protect yourself, your company and all your employees with the safety and security management insight you’ll get at this powerful session. Register for this right now – before you do anything else today. You – and your employees – will be glad you did.

What You’ll Learn

Here is just a small sample of what you will learn:

  • Create an impenetrable wall of defense against internal and external threats
  • Under what circumstances can you be held personally liable for inadequate safety and security policies? Find out here
  • Open upper management’s eyes (and ears) to the risks of ignoring your safety and security measures by showing them where it’ll hurt most – the bottom line
  • Changes in federal regulations that you MUST know about ... what’s on the horizon?
  • Immediately identify weaknesses in your company’s security from both external and internal threats and take positive measures to fix them
  • Establish stronger lines of communication with your facility’s users
  • Create better procedures for investigating and reporting incidents within your facility
  • Train and educate employees on the workplace violence prevention policy and procedures
  • Severely cripple the efforts of internal threats to your building and its users – from simple petty thieves ... to cyber-terrorists ... to violent thugs
  • Build a safer, more productive work environment for everyone
  • Eliminate doubt and insecurity for yourself that maybe you’re not doing everything possible to keep people safe and secure
  • Cover yourself – and your company – legally in a court of law
The truth is, the cost of being proactive when it comes to safety and security is a FRACTION of what theft, vandalism, destruction or violence can cost your company in terms of lost property, productivity, costly legal battles or loss of life. Take the first step toward ensuring your building is as secure as you can possibly make it ... register for this workshop today!

Workshop Agenda

Your Changing Role as a Safety and Security Pro

  • How to help others understand the importance of what you do
  • Ensuring that you’re doing all you can ...a helpful checklist for security and safety managers
  • Making the pieces fit: Who should be involved in your company’s security program — both internally and externally
  • Increasing security’s presence in the day-to-day running of your business
  • Who should ultimately shoulder the responsibility for your company’s security?
  • Evaluating the impact of inadequate security on your company’s bottom line
  • How to protect yourself from being personally liable for the consequences of inadequate safety and security policies
  • Getting upper management to buy into security as a continuous process and not an end state
Looking at Your Current Processes and Procedures Through the Eyes of a Criminal
  • 3 factors you need to consider every time you assess security risks
  • The dangers of being reactive instead of proactive
  • Measuring the effectiveness of your security plan and what to do if you find it’s not working
  • Defining which areas of your property comprise the greatest safety and security risks
  • Red flags in your building that practically scream out to vandals, intruders and thieves
  • What law enforcement agencies want you to know about tracking unusual behavior
Better Building – Finding the Chinks in Your Facility’s Armor
  • In-house or contract out? Which security option works best for you?
  • How to choose an in-house security staff that passes your strict standards
  • Reading between the lines: How to tell if a security consultant can really deliver what you want
  • EXERCISE: An eye-opening exercise that will help you discover the “hidden” costs of outside security contractors and how to make sure that you aren’t taken to the cleaners
  • Determining exactly what components need to go into your security plan
  • Putting your plan into action with a minimum of headaches
Keeping Yourself – and Your Company – Safe and Legal
  • Within the building? In the parking lot? Further? Learn how far the law defines your responsibility to protect facility users
  • Identify the interaction between OSHA and organizational security
  • A tough job for safety managers: Staying compliant under OSHA’s General Duty Clause
  • The far-reaching effects of the Americans With Disabilities Act on safety and security
  • Making your Human Resources department one of your strongest allies for building security
  • When a manager terminates a troubled employee — security measures you must take to protect your users
  • CASE STUDY: Using several real-life cases, identify the legal landmines that can easily blow up in the face of even the most veteran safety and security managers
  • 3 important steps in developing a security plan that will help keep you out of court
Special Situations That Will Test Your Best-Laid Plans
  • How to counter threats at schools, medical facilities and other “public” places
  • SPECIAL SECTION: How you and your company can go about doing business normally during times of elevated alerts
  • Develop contingency plans for several security threats that you can use in your own organization
  • ACTION PLAN: Using a fictional scenario, you’ll be asked to identify threats to an organization and countermeasures you would use to prevent security breaches
  • How to conduct evacuation and emergency training for natural disasters that facility users will remember and apply
  • How to conduct realistic drills to measure users’ level of preparedness

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